​18th ​JANUARY 2020

​​In5 Media, Dubai Production City


​1-day workshop which will teach you all the secrets to become successful on ​Social ​Media


​10 hours



​Video Elevator





Interested? Great!

​We have prepared for you The ​Social ​​Media Highway​, 1-day workshop which will teach you all the secrets, tips and tricks on how to become the Master in building business relationship on ​Social ​Media!

​​Are ​SOCIAL ​Media working for your business? No? Why?

​Many businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals are using ​Social ​Media to build valuable business relationships. ​​Simply, because they have been using ​Social ​Media to grow their business and brand, they make money on ​​them ever since.

​You must have heard about it too. But why not you? What is stopping you?!

​We all know that ​Social ​Media ​are the best business platform to meet industry professionals. We can easily connect with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other industry leaders. If it is so easy, why are we not successful? Why are we falling short? 

​Why ​SOCIAL ​Media ​is the right choice for your business?

There is an unique professional social network where people come, not to waste their time, but to find peers who can help them with their professional issues.

More than 600 million members with 300 million active professionals every month. 91% of marketing executives consider this network the top place to find quality content.

 Business platform responsible for 80% of B2B leads from all social media channels. The network has 3x higher VISITOR-TO-LEAD conversion rate - 2.7% in comparison to FB (0.77%)  and TW (0.69%).

​How can you be part of the show?

  • ​Post in the morning, Sun - Thu (working days)
    ​Posting 20 status updates monthly will help reach 60% of your audience.
  • ​Focus on WHAT to post! ​60% of members are interested in ​Industry ​Insights and 43% of members are interested in new Products and Services.
  • Focus on content type! ​​

    • ​Posts with links drive 200% more engagement

    • ​Posts with images result in 98% higher comment rate

    • ​Posts with videos result in 75% higher share rate

​Create your success story on ​Social ​Media and join our community. Exchange experiences and progress with our help.

​There are so many unanswered ​questions and we feel alone, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Is there a solution to our struggle?


The ​​SOCIAL ​Media Highway, our 1-day workshop, will address all your ​PROBLEMS, issues and fears

​We will take you step-by-step on the journey to discover the true potential of ​Social ​Media for your business.  We will show you easy and simple steps on how to make your ​Social ​Media strategy ​work for your business.

Here is what ​we have prepared for you!

Elevator Pitch

​An Elevator Pitch is a short description of your products, services and value proposition.
The name of “Elevator Pitch” comes from an accidental meeting with someone important in the elevator. You should be able to explain your idea, product, service or company in the time span of an elevator ride. That is usually 30s - 1 min.
An Elevator Pitch can make or break the conversation. So be sure to polish your Elevator pitch before you deliver it.

​Professional ​Photo

​"​You have only one chance to make a first impression!" And your profile photo is making that first impression. Invest your time in doing it correctly. ​In our workshop you will get a professional profile photo during our shooting session.

​Content Strategy

​​It is very difficult to continuously publish new and interesting materials on the internet. But it is difficult only because you do not have a system and strategy of content production. What you need is a realistic and interesting content plan which you will ​systematically follow. After publishing becomes your daily practice and routine, you will be able to do it with ​your eyes closed. 

​We are inviting you to...

The ​Social ​Media


Practical 1-day workshop where you will create your Social Media business system with the guidance of our experts. See you on ​18th of ​January at the In5 Media, Dubai Production City.


Theory and practical work with networking to create your ​Social ​Media money-making tool!

9:00 AM


​​Registration, Refreshments

9:30 AM

Session 1: Content for ​Social ​Media

​​10:​30 AM

​​​Coffee Break

​​10:​45 AM

​​​Session 2: ​Elevator Pitch Script

10:45 AM

Elevator Pitch Contest

1:00 PM


​​2:00 PM

​​​Session 3: ​Professional Photo

​Creating Professional Photo

3:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:45 PM

Session 4: Video Elevator Pitch

Creating Video Elevator Pitch

5:15 PM

Workshop recap

5:45 PM

Session 5: The End

​Value of the workshop:

What practical elements and bonuses you will get ​at our workshop:

Elevator Pitch Script

​You will create a text which will increase the power of your ​Social ​Media profile.


Elevator Pitch ​Video

​Video presentation for your profile. Video production, shooting, editing...

​​VALUE: ​850 USD

​Professional Photo

Professional photo for your profile. You will see how we are dealing with details to get result.

VALUE: ​​550 USD

​Content Strategy

​You will have ready to use strategy on what and how to post in following months.

​VALUE: ​​450 USD


​Lifetime membership in our closed ​Facebook!

​​Be in the community of masters and grow your skills in content production. Everyday you will improve your skills when there are people who will support you. Get feedback on your content from other followers. Participate in our online events. Our weekly posts are a priceless base for your development. ​Your business will grow faster in a productive environment.

V​ALUE: ​400 USD

Total value of the workshop:

​2,500 USD

All these products and our support you will get at the workshop for only:

​1,350 USD

This is ​the unique proposal, ​because we want to give you a package of products and services, together with our expertise on our Social ​Media Highway workshop event!​

Value of the workshop

​2,500 USD


​1,350 USD


​Value of ​​THE ​​Social ​Media HIGHWAY - 2,500 USD

Ordinary price of the program ​ - ​​1,350 USD​​​

Our early bird offer:

​549 ​USD

​For the whole package!

​18th ​January 2020
at the In5 Media, Dubai Production City

​This offer will go away in:

 Money Back Guaranteed

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